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Our delivery service is available in San Francisco Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm. Call for a reservation.

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February 26, 2010  Jacquelyne Caesar

I was in this morning. Got lots of balloons. Lots of new stuff, new dragonflies, new colors and lots of help. Thanks for the new layout


February 26, 2010  Marly Kos 

sfpartystore is the best! Purchasing costumes for Team Mexico all the wayyyyy!


February 15, 2010 James Kleven

SFPartyStore Mardi GRAS rocks, but it's still chinese new year and we'd like to thank the boys at the store for blowing those red balloons.

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Overall the store is a great resource for anything party related.  Everyone throws parties so everyone should at least take a visit here to see whats up.

Marcus O. 1/6/2010


yes, yes and yes!!!!  that is all i want to hear three days before new years. 

their cooperation is much appreciated.  the store is organized, the balloons are sumptuous.

Noel J. 12/28/2009