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PARTY HOTLINE: 1-800-345-TOYS (8697)

Gold Medal Supplies and Equipment

Delivery Service

Our delivery service is available in San Francisco Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm. Call for a reservation.

Party Planning

Make a list and check it twice... tips to help you plan the perfect get together! Learn More

Gold Medal Supplies and Equipment

Concession and Restaurant Sales

Gold Medal Dealer CatalogSF Party is a Gold Medal Medallion Dealer offering hundreds of items in our fully stocked warehouse.

  • Longer warranties on purchased equipment
  • In-House Repairs on your equipment
  • Fully stocked inventory
  • Expert Customer Service from a GM Specialist

Browse our Gold Medal Catalog or contact a GM specialist now for pricing:

Justine Weathers
Email: justinew@sfparty.com
Phone: 415.931.9393 Ext. 26

Julio Giron
Email: juliog@sfparty.com
Phone: 415.931.9393 Ext. 60